Discovering Orthodoxy – Prayer

“He who is able to pray correctly, even if he is the poorest of all people, is essentially the richest. And he who does not have proper prayer, is the poorest of all, even if he sits on a royal throne.” This presentation on the meaning of prayer was recorded in Egypt by Father Peter […]

Discovering Orthodoxy – What is Faith?

Father Peter Farrington considers what faith is. Surely it is more than believing things about God? This video presentation was recorded in Egypt by the Coptic Youth Channel.

An Orthodox Response to Sola Scriptura

In this video presentation Father Peter Farrington considers the Protestant teaching of Sola Scriptura. He considers what it means, and its origins in the Protestant Reformation. He shows how from the very beginning it was unable to do what it proposes, establish the truth of the Biblical message.

Evidence for God

Father Peter Farrington considers some of the evidence for a creator God in this video presentation. He bases his argument on the apologetic writings of a number of contemporary theistic scientists.

Born Protestant, Became Orthodox

Father Peter Farrington was brought up in a devout Christian family and was a member of a congregation of evangelical protestant Christians. His journey to Orthodoxy is described in this video presentation, which describes some of the reasons why he left the community of his youth and became a member of one of the ancient […]

God and the Problem of Evil

In this video presentation Father Peter Farrington considers whether the presence of evil in the world is an argument against the existence of God. He considers the different types of evil in the world and asks whether it is possible to imagine human freedom existing without freedom to choose evil.

Evidence for Jesus Christ

Father Peter considers some of the evidence outside of the Bible for the existence of Jesus, and shows that, as even many agnostics and athiests admit, he is one of the most well attested figures from ancient times.  

Overcoming Loneliness

Father Peter Farrington speaks about the problem of loneliness and how we can overcome it by developing a life-giving and transforming relationship with God.