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popetawadros_and_fatherpeterIn July 2015, Father Peter Farrington was transferred from the British Orthodox diocese to the Patriarchal diocese of the Coptic Orthodox Church under the care and jurisdiction of His Holiness Pope Tawadros. He was given the responsibility of continuing to develop the English language mission communities in Stoke, Swindon and Windsor, which he had begun to support while a priest of the British Orthodox diocese. These three mission communities are required to be self-sufficient and generate their own support. At the moment these are small groups of people, including those who are beginning their journey of exploring our Orthodox faith and spirituality.

The committed members of each of these groups are supporting the funding of this missionary ministry as far as they are able. But there are costs of hiring places to worship and organise meetings, the expense of fuel and road tolls incurred in Father Peter travelling around the country to lead these missions, the costs of producing materials to teach our Orthodox faith to others. Even when these are reduced as far as is possible, the present cost of this missionary activity is more than the committed members can bear themselves.

This is why we are conducting a fundraising campaign at the beginning of a new year of prayerful missionary activity in the Coptic Orthodox Church. We are not asking for unlimited support, just that assistance which will allow us to establish these missionary communities as self-sufficient and able to cover the cost of this missionary ministry themselves.

Will you consider helping to support the missionary activity being conducted in these three places? Your kindness will be much appreciated, either in a single donation or by a regular commitment. As these communities grow in God’s will it is our intention that they should bear all of the costs associated with this ministry, but at this early stage the help of other friends around the world, in prayer and in generosity, is required. At the moment we need to raise £500 a month to cover the costs of this missionary ministry.

Can we find just 50 people around the world who will commit to even as little as £5 a month for this next year to support our Coptic Orthodox missionary activity?

May the Lord bless you.


If you are able to make a regular commitment of support, which you are able to cancel at any time, then please use this form to select a monthly amount of support.


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