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The Coptic Orthodox Community of St Chad in Stoke is very pleased to be supporting the new pop-up Community Hub in Burslem, in Stoke. This exciting venture has been organised by one of the members of our Coptic Orthodox Community. It has taken over a large shop in the centre of Burslem, one of the towns making up Stoke on Trent.

What is a Community Hub? It is a local venue that seeks to draw the local people together, and to encourage a greater sense of cohesion. In the Community Hub we are supporting there is an exhibition of the works of local artists and crafts people. Some of the local organisations are advertising themselves. There is always a warm welcome, and a cup of tea, for anyone who needs to find a friendly place.

And here, in the middle of the town, our Coptic Orthodox Community of St Chad is also trying to be present every day, in loving service and in the sharing of the Gospel. I prayed the prayers of blessing in the Hub at the weekend, and even while I was walking the short distance to reach it a local young woman stopped me in the street, broke down in tears, and asked to be able to speak to me.

I have just organised an event to take place in this new Community Hub. A local academic is going to speak about the earliest history of Christianity in the area. And I am going to stay up in Stoke on a few occasions so that I can serve in the Hub myself. I think it is a wonderful opportunity for us to share our Orthodox Faith, and meet with many ordinary people facing burdens and difficulties of many kinds.

This is only a two month trial. The dear person who has organised it is being very sensible, and is trying to generate some support by encouraging the exhibition and advertising of local art and community groups. But at this early stage in this project there is a need for some further financial support. Members of the Coptic Orthodox Community of St Chad are giving their time and effort, as I am. And our sister, who has brought this wonderful opportunity into existence is giving all of her time and bearing the cost and risk herself.

So can I ask you to consider clicking on the link below, and making a small contribution through Paypal which will be 100% directed to this project, and helping to cover the initial costs. However small or large the contribution it will be used to practically enable this Community Hub to continue until the New Year, and will allow the Coptic Orthodox Community of St Chad to be engaged with the local people by being present among them.

Please pray for this missionary activity, and consider if you can make a small donation to directly support this exciting project.


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